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Recently Completed Projects

New Hall B

New Hall B exterior

Adelphi's recently completed residence hall opened for the fall 2011 semester. New Hall B is the second residence hall, and fifth building on campus, to be fully heated and cooled by a geothermal system. There are 70 new geothermal wells for this residence hall; each well is 330 feet deep, and they are all located under the new softball field. This system is a closed-loop system which cannot contaminate the local ground water aquifer. Each residence hall room has its own heating/cooling pump, allowing each occupant to regulate his/her own room temperature. The installation and use of this system shows Adelphi's continuing effort to reduce its carbon footprint as well as setting an example for others to follow. High-efficient lighting has been installed throughout the building and all plumbing fixtures are water saving devices.

New Hall B, Interior

The new residence hall is a four-story building that has 66 individual rooms, which will house a total of 171 residents in a combination of single, double and triple rooms. All rooms have their own private baths. Data, Internet access and WiFi are available throughout the building. New Hall B has also been constructed according to the latest fire and safety codes. Each room is equipped with sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. All rooms have swipe card access for personal safety.

First Floor Lounge, New Hall B
First Floor Lounge, New Hall B
Fourth Floor Lounge, New Hall BFourth Floor Lounge, New Hall B


Softball Field

After the installation of the geothermal field for New Hall B beneath the previous softball field, the timing was perfect to update the field with artificial turf field, bleachers, storage, dugouts, fencing, press box and bathrooms. The new softball field was completed in time for use during the summer of 2011.

Softball Field Adelphi Softball Field

Post Hall Café and C-Store

In answer to many requests from students, Post Hall was renovated and now includes an "all you care to eat" dining facility. The renovation of the Post Hall dining area and the C-Store were completed in time for the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester. The tables in the dining area provide a variety of comfortable alternatives and include booths, and the renovation has provided a restaurant-style eating experience. For one price, students, faculty and staff are now able to choose unlimited quantities from a variety of healthy foods. The renovation included an upgrade of the heating and lighting to energy efficient systems.

eat at Post Hall Café Post Hall Café serving area
Post Hall Café groups Post Hall Café students
Post Hall Café food line Post Hall Café seating area
Post Hall C-Store Post Hall Convenience Store


Alumnae Hall Nursing Lab

The newly renovated nursing lab in Alumnae Hall was completed in time for the Fall 2011 semester. The lab now contains audio-visual equipment and will also contain beds and other apparatus necessary for the nursing curriculum.

Alumnae Hall Nursing Lab 1 Alumnae Hall Nursing Lab 2


Revamping Parking Field 7
Revamping Parking Field 7 With Light Emitting Diodes(LED Lighting

Parking Field 7, which encompasses the area from behind Chapman Hall to the area behind the new residence halls, was in a state of disrepair. That entire lot was repaved and the lighting was upgraded. The new lighting consists of uniform light across the lot which provides additional security. Arrangements with Public Safety have been made to add cameras to select poles. The LED fixtures are 45% more efficient than the fluorescent lighting and with a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin, the effect is closer to a daylight appearance.


Ruth S. Harley University Center
Pointing and Window at the Ruth S. Harley University Center

The brick façade of the Ruth S. Harley University Center experienced mortar and brick failure, due to extreme weather and temperature changes over the years. The areas affected most severely were repointed and the window was replaced, which has given the building a new look and has prevented leaks and further damage.


Woodruff Hall

Woodruff Hall

Woodruff Hall is one of the original buildings on campus and the brick façade was in need of repair. Over the summer, the building was repointed, waterproofed, and planters were installed.


Levermore Hall - The Registrar's Office


Levermore Hall - The Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office has been newly renovated and energy efficient lighting has been added. The result is an attractive, efficient, and bright work space.



Science Building Canopy
Science Building Canopy

The canopy roof, which extends over the lobby of the Science Building, has been replaced, the outside renovated and lighting has beenadded.


Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise

A new technology room has beenadded and the conference room on the lower level has been renovated to optimize the effectiveness of available space.


Campus-wide Projects
Roof repairs were completed as needed across the campus. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades were completed to several buildings which will provide a more comfortable and efficient temperature stability.

New Building Project

Alumnae/Harvey Halls - The main entrance to Alumnae and Harvey Halls will be renovated to reflect a significant and prominent standing.

Blodgett Hall -

Three lecture rooms will be renovated to allow for accessibility and a more effectual use of the available space.

Eddy Hall -
The damages on the exterior stone facing on Eddy Hall will be replaced.

Hagedorn Hall -

Hagedorn Hall exterior will be repainted and restored.

New Hall A -

In order to ensure the safety of the resident students, Carbon Monoxide Detectors will be installed in New Hall A.

Science Building -

Adelphi University has recently made arrangements to acquire a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (NMR) to be located in the Department of Chemistry in the Science Building. The NMR is used to study the structure and interaction of molecules, underlying forces of molecules, and the analysis of the composition of solutions. This equipment is essential to the Department of Chemistry in order to attain certification from the American Chemical Society and to enhance research opportunities. The installation of the NMR will require
extensive renovations and modifications to the science lab where it will be located.

Renovation and upgrade of the current elevator will be completed with the least possible disruption to the students, faculty and staff.

Ruth S. Harley
University Center

The exterior of the University Center will be repointed and new metal lintels will be installed.

For additional information, please contact:

Department of Facilities Management
Klapper Fine Arts Building
P.O. Box 701
Garden City, NY 11530-0701

p - 516.877.3970
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