Emergency Travel Assistance Program
This program gives a sense of security and peace of mind every time you embark on a trip. The program offers medical assistance, travel and communication assistance, and pre-departure services. The program coordinates with your medical coverage to provide seamless protection and numerous other services abroad. It travels with you anywhere you may need it, 100 or more miles from home whether you are traveling for the University or for personal travel.

This benefit includes:
  • Repatriation
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Assistance with Lost or Stolen Items*
  • Insured travel assistance
  • Online, real-time security alerts
  • Online medical information

For a detailed description of your benefits and to see any exclusions and/or limitations, please visit the website www.worldwideassistance.com and follow the link to E-Services.

NOTE: Your login is "Adelphi" and your password is "travel401".

To receive your membership card, please come to the Office of Human Resources and ask for your Worldwide Assistance Membership ID.

*These services may involve third party expenses which are the responsibility of the covered member.

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