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2009-2010 external funding

College of Arts and Sciences
Creating networks of schools, universities and science museums
Investigator(s): Sean Bentley, physics, Elizabeth deFreitas, education, Lee Stemkoski, mathematics & computer science 
Date of award: December, 2009
Amount of award: $299,012 over two years
Agency: National Science Foundation

Sean Bentley and his colleagues received a grant from the National Science Foundation to fund project SMARTScience and Math Applied Real-problem Teaching.  SMART will continue the collaboration with the Westbury Union Free School District and the Cradle of Aviation Museum to develop integrated high school science and math curriculum, enhance student problem-solving and applied mathematical skills and comprehensive provide professional development for teachers. 

Ruth S. Ammon School of Education
Educating mathematics teachers for urban and other high needs schools
Investigator(s): Robert Bradley, mathematics, Gary Schechter, A&S, Dante Tawfeeq, education
Date of award: September, 2009
Amount of award: $895,000 over five years
Agency: National Science Foundation

Robert Bradley, department of mathematics and computer science, Gary Schechter, Math/Science Education Coordinator and Dante Tawfeeq, Ammon School of Education received a grant from the National Science Foundation to recruit, train and support mathematics majors pursuing careers in teaching.  Selected students will receive academic and financial supports throughout their three years at Adelphi (junior, senior and Master years), these students will have committed to teaching in high needs school districts for approximately six years after receiving their Adelphi graduate degree.  Their program of study at Adelphi is designed to enhance students’ understanding and experiences working in high needs schools. 


2009-2009 external funding

College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Sidney Boquiren, Department of Music, received a grant from the Metlife Creative Connections Program - Meet the Composer, to bring noted composer, Christopher Adler to campus.

Dr. Deborah Cooperstein, Department of Biology and Gary Schechter, received a grant from the National Science Foundation, to fund TOP - The Opportunity Project. TOP provides scholarships to academically achieving freshmen who are also economically in need and who major in one of the sciences, biology, chemistry or physics.

Dr. Benjamin Weeks, Department of Biology, received a grant from Innovation Laboratories for his research on pesticide toxicity, The mechanism of pyrethroid pesticide neurotoxicity.

Dr. Justyna Widera, Department of Chemistry, has received a grant from the American Chemical Society, Petroleum Research Fund, Development and investigation of multijunction hybrids of nanocrystalline TiO2 /quantum dots/conducting polymer nanowires for solar cell applications, for her research on solar cells and the conversion of solar energy.

Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies
Dr. Robert Bornstein received a grant from the National Science Foundation for his research, Mental Imagery and the Mere Exposure Effect to continue his research on the role of mental imagery in the mere exposure effect as it relates to auditory stimuli and subliminal visual stimuli.

Ruth S. Ammon School of Education
Dr. Elizabeth de Freitas, was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation, Examining teacher discourse and whole-class interaction: a social semiotics model for mathematics lesson study groups to conduct qualitative research on a mathematics lesson study group of beginning mathematics teachers in high-poverty middle schools.

Dr. Robert Otto, was awarded a grant from Ossur Americas, Inc., The run efficiency of amputee athletes with prostheses, to conduct research matching the optimal prosthetic stiffness to the athlete at various run speeds. The results will help determine what category of running foot allows the athlete to run at the most efficient level.

Ms. Marcy Safyer, Director, Parenting Institute, received a grant from the Hagedorn Foundation to conduct workshops and evaluation of the Raising a Thinking Child program.

Drs. Dante Tawfeeq, Elizabeth de Freitas and Professor Mary Jean McCarthy, received a grant from the New York State Education Department to conduct a series of summer institutes in mathematics and science teaching for local district middle school teachers.

Dr. Dante Tawfeeq was awarded funding from the Educational Alliance Foundation for his research, Conceptualization of Pre-Calculus, Calculus via IBL, PBL, and Bi-directional discourse, a professional development project that will introduce inquiry-based curriculum and pedagogy to high school mathematics teachers in Hempstead.

School of Nursing
Dr. Jane White received funding from HRSA to support students as they achieve their Ph.D. with a concentration in nursing education. The goal of the grant is to prepare researchers and scholars in nursing who will serve as faculty in schools of nursing to ease the shortage of nursing faculty.

Dr. Jane White and Professor Patricia Eckardt, have received funding from the Smithers Foundation to implement and evaluate an alcohol abuse prevention program.

School of Social Work
Dr. Wahiba Abu-ras, received funding from the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding for her research, Muslim Doctors in the United States, to investigate the role of Muslim doctors play in their communities

Dr. Peter Chernack, received a grant from the Long Island Community Foundation to implement and evaluate a model for delivering strategic and financial planning to nonprofit organizations.

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